Advance Booster
This loan facility helps Individual,Salaried and Group clients take care of their emergency needs.
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Check - Off Loans
This loan facility is available to Individuals with regular monthly income from salary, milk and tea production.
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DAIL *243*44# Get Instant Cash Repayable within 30 days
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Asset Financing
This facility is available to all Individuals and Group members. Designed to assist our customers acquire commercial motor vehicles, machinery and equipment
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Individual Biashara Loan
Available to individuals in business for purposes of financing working capital
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Wezasha Biashara
This is a loan facility targeting people in business organized in groups. The loans are utilized for working capital purposes.
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Boresha Kilimo Loan
This facility is suitable for farmers either as Individuals or in a Group for commercial agricultural farming and livestock rearing.
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  • Advance Booster
  • Check - Off Loans
  • KaribuKash
  • Asset Financing
  • Individual Biashara Loan
  • Wezasha Biashara
  • Boresha Kilimo Loan

Welcome To Karibu

Life is a journey. Who you choose to walk with determines the pace and ease at which you get there. Karibu stands as that crucial companion, your trusted financial partner in the treacherous path of life. When you need that trusted pillar to lean on, when those payments have to be made but the cheque is late, when in need of a business boost, for that expansion project you've always been keeping on hold, Karibu is there.

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