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Meet The Headmaster

Neil Page - Executive Head Teacher


Here at St. Christopher’s Secondary School, Nairobi we feel proud to declare that there is a real uniqueness about us. We are a British Curriculum school that underpins the entire academic, pastoral and extra-curricular programmes with an unashamed passion for Christianity. On any given day, students get to come together in their pastoral form tutor groups and start the morning in prayer. This acts as a daily catalyst that sets students up for a rigorous and dynamic day or learning right across the wider curriculum.  A minimum of one weekly assembly allows the entire secondary community to come together where we revel in class or ECA led assemblies. During these gatherings students share in scripture, and share their interpretations of these writings. Our school works right across the secondary Key Stage phases, from Years 7 to 9 in KS3, through Years 10 and 11 in KS4 (IGCSE) and up to and including Years 12 and 13 in KS5 (AS/A2).

St. Christopher’s works towards delivering a holistic approach to learning. Emphasis naturally gets placed on academic learning, but is also richly supported by a fulsome arts, sports and ECA programme. St. C’s is not about building blinkered automatons, but rather helping to facilitate all of our learners in finding themselves and finding their passions and convictions. The aspiration for the teaching team is to bid a fond farewell to our graduating A-Level students knowing that they leave the St. C family with an unquenchable lifelong love of learning. We encourage an investigative approach, research and learning through trying and making mistakes. One of our philosophies is that practice makes permanent, whilst only perfect practice makes perfect. Students therefore are assisted in establishing clear CAT4 targets in our upper years, so that there are binding expectations on what results our learners should achieve at the end of each exam phase.

Please feel free to come and meet with me, or indeed any member of the teaching or administration teams. I can assure you that you will find a warm personal greeting and that we will strive to respond to any queries, suggestions or proposals you may have for St. C’s. I hope that in due course, you too will come to realise that the St. Cristopher’s family really is as good as we know it to be. Just like our school motto: Semper Excelsius, our aim and outlook is indeed ‘always higher’.

Neil David Page
Executive Head Teacher.

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