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Mathematics is one of the most important and unavoidable subject in any one’s life. This has been emphasized in school by making it a compulsory subject in both KS3(year 7 to year 9) and KS4(year 10 and year 11). The department appreciates the fact that different students have different abilities when it comes to this subject hence leading to different career paths.
The Mathematics department has always endeavored to ensure that every students takes part and enjoy learning the subject. The department acknowledges the fact that we are all different in the way we look and understand things and as such has been able to come up with a strategy of ensuring that each learner benefits and enjoys the learning process.
Each year group from year 7 to year 11 has 3 sets in Mathematics. The first 2 sets move at a faster pace with set 1 having extension work. Set 3 students move at a slower pace and the teacher is able to narrow down to individual needs of each learner. The students can be promoted or demoted from one set to another depending on their work habits and whether they meet the expectations of each set though as a department we encourage promotions as opposed to demotions.
The students at the end of year 7 & 8 sit for Cambridge progression tests which checks if the students are in line with the syllabus. At the end of year 9, students sit for their first external exam in high school called the Cambridge checkpoint which is set and marked by CIE(Cambridge International Examination). This again checks whether the students have gained the foundation for KS3 Mathematics as they transit to IGCSE Mathematics in KS4.
As the students start their KS4 Mathematics, they are grouped into 2 groups (Core and Extended Mathematics). Using the same strategy of sets, the first and second set join Extended Mathematics with set one having the majority of the students who are aiming at A, A* or B in their final IGCSE exam at the end of year 11. These students are also encouraged to pursue Harder Mathematics before they finish year 11. Students in set two are fewer than those in set one but more than those in set three and they are aiming at B or C in their final IGCSE exam at the end of year 11. Students in set three sit for Core Mathematics and they are the fewest in number aiming to get the highest grade in Core Mathematics which is a C in IGCSE.
Students in Set 1 and 2 after clearing year 11 can continue with Mathematics in KS5(Year 12 and 13) and at the University.
In KS5(year 12 & 13), students sit for Cambridge International As & A level examinations where they do Pure Mathematics 1, 2 & 3, Mechanics 1 & 2 and Probability & statistics 1 & 2.
In the department, students also get opportunities to participate in internal and external Mathematics contest where they can interact as well as compete with other students in the country in Mathematics.

Some students from KS3 & 4 showcasing some of the trophies that they got in one of the external Mathematics contests.



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