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The Modern Foreign Languages at ST. Christopher’s teaches two languages, French and Kiswahili. We are working towards introducing Spanish and German very soon as the number of students increases. Many people may ask why study a Foreign Language yet English as a language is the most widely spoken.

In the wider world there are many motives for learning other Foreign Languages. The majority of UK or European Universities insists on applicant having at least an IGCSE qualification in a Foreign Language. Other reasons could be Commercial and career advantages for those who can hold a conversation in another language.  Learning different languages helps you to understand the perspectives and culture of other nations. Restricting one to English is to miss out on a wide range of educational, cultural and business opportunities.

Our aim for teaching Foreign Languages at ST. Christopher’s is to enable our students to understand and communicate in everyday situations and create interest and curiosity about Foreign Languages and other cultures.

As a department we believe that knowledge of Foreign Languages can transform personal relations and experiences and enhance professional opportunities.

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