Key Stage 4

At St. Christopher’s Secondary our aim at this stage is promoting students personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes through:

  • Quality of teaching and learning.
  • Nature of relationships amongst students, teachers, parents and the society at large.
  • Monitoring students overall progress, academic, personal and social growth.
  • Specific pastoral structures and support system through extra curriculum activities and school ethos.


Year 10

Year 10 acts as a transitional point from Key stage 3 to 4, in which the students experience the effect of this paradigm shift in all areas of school life. It is the time where the academic work becomes more challenging and the co-curricular opportunities more prolific.

At this level, students are emboldened to mature into independent learners, able to take responsibility of their own learning and become more poised in their decision making.


 In year 10, students are in the full swing of the Cambridge IGCSE courses hence, have tons of work to do and the pressure is mounting. At the end of Year 9 just prior to Year 10, students get some choices over which subjects to study (A selection of Cambridge IGCSE courses). However, there are still compulsory subjects which we believe are pivotal for all students to ensure a broad based education.

The following table shows the Compulsory and Optional Subjects offered:

**A maximum number of nine (9) subjects per student**

The grueling and demanding courses above are well-recognized globally and they do ease progression to our pre-university courses (BTEC and A- LEVELS).

Pastoral Care

The focus here is student-teacher approach. This is to ensure that both the emotional and academic needs of students are met, thus achieving a greater sense of personal well-being and happiness.  Duly, the form tutor is the first point of contact for the student whence; they are able to discuss academic progress and any concerns a student might have, as well as interests and level of participation in the wealth of extra-curricular activities available.

We attempt to effectuate the student well-being by:

  • Using constructive and positive feedback as a way of supporting student improvement, either in academics or behaviour.
  • Encouraging students to view their skills and knowledge as changeable through effort.
  • Working with students to set personal and academic goals and supporting them in achieving and reviewing these goals.

Year 10, is a crucial developmental stage for the students at a holistic level that yield forth      self- reliant, selfless and independent learners ready to progress to the final class in Key stage 4- Year 11.

Year 11

Year Eleven is the eleventh year after Reception. It is also the final year of Key Stage 4 in which the Secondary CIE Curriculum is taught and IGCSE examinations are taken. Key stage 4 course starts at year 11. A lot of time and resources are spent in preparing the students for the IGCSEs as well as preparing them for life after key stage 4.


Selection of the IGCSE subjects happens at the end of key stage 3 but the courses begin at the beginning of key stage 4 which is year 10. Students’ academic progress is closely monitored and necessary intervention and support provided. Parents are kept in the know of every step of such progress and where need be advised to step in and lend a hand.

In view of preparing the candidates for post IGCSE education, we organize regular internal forums where experienced instructors take them through the requirements for A-level and university/college training. They also get to learn about the available post secondary education opportunities. Most of the year 11 students are given opportunities to be prefects and receive proper training off and on the job.


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