The St. Christopher’s Schools Scholarship program aims to encourage and recognise students in their pursuit of excellence. The Scholarship Program at St. Christopher’s Schools is intended to provide students with the financial support to pursue their education as well as reward achievement and effort. Students who receive scholarships will have exemplary character and will share the values of our school community. These students will exhibit qualities such as integrity, leadership, initiative, care and compassion for others, and personal responsibility. The Scholarships entitle the holder to the remission of tuition fees only, dependent on the scholarship. Scholarships do not cover textbooks, uniforms, excursions, technology fees, individual subject fees or examination fees. All Scholarships commencing in Year 4 will continue to Year 6. Scholarships commencing from Year 7 will continue to Year 10. Scholarships commencing in Year 11 will continue into Year 12. Scholarships will be reviewed annually.


A panel of Senior and Middle Leaders will be convened by the Executive Head Teacher to act as the Scholarships Awards Panel. These staff members will go through the applications and shortlist prospective recipients and give them a scheduled interview. The conclusions of the Awards Panel will be put in writing and submitted to the Board of Directors. Upon agreement and Board level, students will be notified as to whether they have been successful or not.

Scholarship awards can be based on a number of different criteria, and can, where the candidates are equally strong, be split. The preferred method would be for 100% or 2 x 50% awards.


  • Single Award – 100% award for a single candidate.
  • Double Award – 50% awards for two candidates.
  • Treble Award – 33% awards for three candidates.
  • Quadruple Award – 25% awards for four candidates.


The school has the scope to offer the following scholarships:

  • 2 academic scholarships – 1 internal, 1 external at the end of Year 6 based on academic performance in school or against CIE Y6 Checkpoint results. This award will be for three (3) years of Key Stage 3 learning. 
  • 2 academic scholarships – 1 internal, 1 external at the end of Year 9 based on academic performance in school or against CIE Y9 Checkpoint results. This award will be for two (2) years of Key Stage 4 learning. 
  • 2 academic scholarships – 1 internal, 1 external at the end of Year 11 based on academic performance in school or against CIE IGCSE results. This award will be for two (2) years of Key Stage 4 learning. 
  • Additional bursaries will be available for A-Level and BTEC students - both internal and external candidates, based on the following criteria:


  1. Each and every instance of IGCSE grades of A* or A will qualify for a 5% discount on school tuition fees, valid for both internal and external candidates.
  2. All SCS students will automatically qualify for a 5% reduction of school fees based on them transitioning into Key Stage 5 from Key Stage 4 (a minimum of at least 2 years with SCSS is required to support this discount).
  3. A discount on tuition fees of 5% will be given to parents who pay the Term 1 fees for any students entering Year 12 to do either A-Levels of BTEC studies on or before June 1st of that calendar year (3 months prior to the start of term).
  •  Additional single award scholarships may be considered for outstanding ability and / or achievement in a particular discipline and can include but not be limited to the below list. Such awards will be awarded for a specific period of time, subject to the decision by the Scholarship Awards Panel.


  1. Sporting excellence
  2. Musical excellence
  3. All-rounder excellence
  4. Drama excellence
  5. Artistic excellence
  6. Exemplary conduct
  7. Leadership
  8. Special talent scholarship ( evidence must be provided from an accredited organization or recognized club)


  • Scholarships may be considered for students in Upper Key Stage 2 for students who mirror some of the traits in the above list of 5 disciplines.


The awarding of any and all scholarships is entirely discretionary and the nature of the awards criteria is subject to change. For any students awarded a scholarship within St. Christopher’s Schools, a student has to maintain both a high academic performance, allied to upholding the values of the school, adhering to the behavior policy and finally he or she should add considerably to the fuller life of the school.

Lodgement of Application:

Notice of scholarships being offered will be advertised on an annual basis through the School newsletter and on the School website. All students must lodge a Scholarship application form. External students, along with their Scholarship application, must also lodge an Application for Enrolment form and pay an application fee.


The withdrawal of scholarships is at the discretion of Board of Directors. The withdrawal of any scholarship will be put in writing to the students and parents of the recipient. It will outline the reason for the withdrawal and such a decision cannot be challenged.

St. Christopher’s School reserves the right to make changes to this policy at the school’s sole discretion.

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